The AMS Helix team welcomes Liam Newcombe as Senior VP of IIoT and Data Science

Liam Newcombe

Clive Fotheringham, Partner at AMS Helix says, ‘A warm welcome to Liam, the AMS Helix team is delighted to invite him on board. Liam’s experience in uniting technology and customers is second-to-none. At AMS Helix he will be focusing on supporting our customers with strategic direction across projects and end-to-end data centre solutions.

Customers will benefit from Liam’s many years of experience that extends to providing deliverable, operable, accessible products, alongside combined technical and business value analysis. Liam will also deliver great value through platform and infrastructure architecture, IIOT and data science workflows over the full data centre life cycle from technical concepts through to construction, operation and decommissioning.